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When I first pulled up to Fisherman's Point in South Portland on this sunny Saturday in July, I was instantly struck by the location.  A grassy peninsula jutting out of the rocky coastline with beautiful views on all sides. Some guests had already arrived and the pre-wedding chit chat and hustle and bustle was ensuing around me. I walked around, chose my vantage points and took a few test shots. The brides car pulled up about 100 yards away and Ben was informed that his bride had arrived. OH MY the look on this mans face, in that moment it all became so real. It was "go time" you could just feel the excitement building in anticipation.

The wedding went off flawlessly, including the bride belting out a heartfelt song to her groom. Her voice was incredible and I found myself getting teary eyed in the moment. Following the ceremony we were able to capture a fun shot with the entire guest list and some great family pics all with every boat imaginable sailing through the harbor in the background. Everyone dispersed to head out to the reception location and I was able to have some more intimate time with the newlyweds to capture the love.

The reception followed at the brides family home, complete with a pool/hot tub waterfall and fountains. Tables adorned with nautical themed centerpieces with photos of young Chrissy and Bens. Violinists played cocktail hour while guests snacked on sushi and other delicious treats. Dinner was served by the local Portland restaurant Paciarino, who specializes in homemade pasta dishes. The main courses, were each of the couple favorite dishes. Lasagna & Goat Cheese ravioli YUM!

The rest of the night involved a fresh blueberry topped wedding cake and a ton of dancing. I think at one point, 95% of the guests were on the dance floor at once. Talk about a good time! The drive home for me up route 77 into Scarborough, consisted of fireworks shows down the coastline all thanks to a rained out 4th. It was truly a memorable day. Thank you Ben and Chrissy for letting me share in your magic, it is a wedding I will never forget.

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